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WE ARE: Musicantia(‘Musicians’ in the Romanes language)A Roma Community led group of professional musicians and accredited music teachers in partnership with indigenous Irish and other migrant community development workers. more

Old St.George's School

Hampton Street



email: info@musicantia.com

Office: 01 8414431

Charity Number: CHY 20970


Saturday- Sunday:

9AM to 5:30PM


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Musicantia is a Roma cultural and advocacy project which runs a music school for young Roma in Dublin. We work to promote Roma integration in Ireland

Music classes

Musicancia is the largest group involved in the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music.

Music theory

Musicantia offers a range of theory and musicianship lessons and courses, designed to supplement and support the student's practical studies.

Choral singing

Enjoyable activities such as singing with others are things people will look forward to each week. They can become highlights of the week and positive memories remain alive for hours and days afterwards. Where an activity involves working towards a goal such as a performance, there are enhanced expectations of rewarding outcomes.

Instrumental instruction

How you practice will be how you perform. Private and small group instruction provides a student with excellent, sequential instruction in music, with the added opportunity for one-on-one student-teacher time in the private lesson environment. Musicantia currently offers classes and/or lessons in flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, violin and voice. Our instruction team will evaluate the interested student's ability, potential and learning style and then work with that student to achieve their goals, strengthening their skills and building confidence through success. Learning an instrument is not only enjoyable, but also cultivates excellent life skills, such as perseverance, acceptance, self-discipline, lessons in overcoming trial and error and enhanced musical skill development

Group practice

If you would like to join our music group or to find out more about it,please call us directly or send us an email